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Join us for an immersive photography experience where we explore the art of capturing the essence of everyday life. Learn the technical side of photography and how to compose dynamic and impactful images, but more importantly, discover the value in being present and tuning into the energy of a moment. With intention and curiosity, we'll explore human connection, embrace perfectly imperfect moments, and learn the balancing act of documenting and partaking in life’s moments. Through this workshop, you'll learn to embrace being the storykeeper and uncover tools to freeze-frame moments in time...

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A simple course designed to help de-mystify the basics of photography and the most important buttons you'll find on your camera! We will talk about aperture, shutter speed, and iso along with white balance, focus, depth of field, motion control, and many other topics. This is all about understanding camera and photography basics with a focus on the technical side. We will also discuss composition and creative elements. Feel confident in your skills after this short & sweet workshop.

Duration: 2 hrs

Location: Kim's studio or on-location.

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