a little bit about me:

Specializing in heart-led, curiosity-driven, connection-focused, light-inspired storytelling photography.

Honoured to tell the story of your perfectly imperfect life. All of it- one tiny, precious moment at a time.

I am Kimberley Rae, and I’ve been fascinated with creating photos since I turned 6 and was gifted a bubble-gum pink Pentax & a roll of Kodak film. Lately I'm less fascinated with the technical side of the art.. and more inspired by the humans I meet and connect with THRU the art. It's a gift to be asked to document the connections in your life- to show you and your loved ones how you're loved. To show you that you've created art- in building the life and relationships you have. Let me show you your masterpiece.

I came to Invermere for a two week vacation over 20 years ago, and here I am, still living in paradise & forever finding my breath caught in my throat when i see the sun rise over these mountains each day.

Fun facts about me:

-I'm a boy-mom of an amazing little human called Arlo. I try to be a "yes" parent and do all the crazy adventures... because YOLO!

- I like gardening. LOVE gardening. i try really hard not to show up with dust on my knees or soil under my fingernails, but that's usually what I'm doing when I'm not shooting or editing!

-i have 8 lovely hens, 2 beautiful Norwegian Elkhounds (Säga and Idun), & the sweetest house-trained bunny named Willow. I also have a cat- her name is Peaches, and she's listed last because I'm a dog person and I lost that family vote. Peaches is adamant she will turn me into a cat person, however, and endeavors to circle my feet, lay on my chest & just generally get IN-MY-FACE every possible chance. she's getting there.

- If you're a cat person, i promise not to hold that against you.

-If you have dogs, there's a chance I'll forget my manners and greet them before I greet you.